Friday, January 27, 2012

Y U NO!?


Y ME NO UPDATE? Hehe. Me no good in doing these blogging stuff. Addition to that, there is nothing much interesting about me, going on, past and future. Going thru the same thing as everyone else, but with a different plot.

Yesterday! All my troubles seems so far away~ Me go out with Ashraf and Hilmi! Oh Yesterday~ Was amazingly, awesome. Not only we played bowling at our most convenient mall (Warta), but I also had a little reunion with my primary friends Azhar, Aizat and Fahim at McDonalds. McDonald's truly reuniting people. You probably would'nt know them even if i continue the conversation. Main event!

That night while i was on the net, and little Mr. Syakir wanted to play with the keyboard. He thought he was doing something when he press the keys and they'll pop up on the screen. As usual a good uncle ;) let his nephew play along. Suddenly! All i know my computer search tap went nuts. It kept searching for file 88tyu8. I was like "Oh My God! Im being hack! WTF! Unplug the modem! Disconnect! Disconnect! DISCONNECT!". *disconnect* Safe! I thought. I tried typing in the search tap and bam! Some alien words came out. "Oh NOOO! Its in the system! *#$^!" Unplug the socket from the plug. "Goodbye PC." Off to bed. Skip to the point, actually my keyboard was broken. Now im using this-

It sounds like a typewriter.

One letter per a time. The agony! The agony of reading this much intense. Sorry for any unsatisfactions and thank you for your time. Asalamualaikum!

*The keyboard can be located in file 'accessories' in 'Start'

Monday, January 9, 2012

Masih hidup

Assalammualaikum semua!

Ho ha! Ho ha! Saya masih hidup! :) Sahaja nak update blog. Sudah sekian lama makhluk ni tak mengpost enteri baru.

Alhamdulillah saya sihat semua (siapa tanya?). Hehe. Namun, hidup di dunia ini seperti biasa bukan hakiki, ada masa kita rasa bagaikan berada di atas awan-awangan yang indah, dan adakala kita rasa bagaikan lupuh di atas 'pantas pasir'. Namun haruslah kita ingat, selepas hujan pasti ada sinaran matahari. Ataupun boleh juga hujan berterusan selama 40 hari. Allahhuakbar. Lagnat Allah, nauzubillah. Meskipun begitu, haruslah kita bersabar menghadapinya. InsyaAllah, pasti ada ganjaran kepada mereka yang berbuat baik dan bersabar. Tawakkal kepada Allah.

Saya bukan menasihat kalian yang membaca sahaja, tetapi saya turut menasihati diri yang lemah ini. InsyaAllah, kita sentiasa menyebut nama Allah, sebagaimana kita menyebut nama kekasih kita. InsyaAllah. Assalammualaikum.

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